2. How does AXCEL support you?

AXCEL is a powerful planning tool built to synchronize logistic streams on tank terminals. It optimizes the use of the terminal assets, reduces turnaround times and is able to handle last-minute operational changes.

At its core are the following parts:

  • High terminal detail
    AXCEL is capable of incorporating a high level of detail i.e. terminal’s current tank configuration, available line-ups, relative berth locations, asset status, workforce availability, respective automation levels, local ways of working, …
  • Fast planning engine
    Fast algorithms are required to process such level of detail. They support planners by quickly updating planning scenarios that minimize turnaround timer or other custom KPI’s.
  • Real-time information on terminal status
    To improve last-minute planning decisions, AXCEL can integrate real-time information on ongoing operations and asset status (e.g. arrival times, pump start times, delays, outages, …)

These elements form the base for a (growing) set of functionalities and planning modules, all aimed at synchronizing logistic streams.

Truck slot booking
The truck slot booker streamlines the flow of trucks before they arrive at the terminal. An online platform offers time slots to transporters based on required assets and available resources.

truck slot booking

Truck dispatching
The truck dispatch functionality offers last-minute optimization for the arrived trucks, thereby taking into account real-time information on ongoing operations. This means that delays, windfalls or outages are incorporated when allocating trucks to loading points and tanks.

Water planning support
To plan movements from a ship, planners allocate a fitting jetty, the required tanks and the respective line-ups. Next, they need to determine a transfer sequence that minimizes throughput time and which avoids conflicts in asset use.

water planning support

Operator guide (pilot ongoing)
Via hand helds, operators get a direct view on the latest planning and see ongoing and coming operations. Status indicators guide operators in adjusting priorities and next to that, based on coming work, AXCEL suggests ideal pause start times.
Finally, feedback on ongoing operations is collected for real-time planning updates.

operator guide

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